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Community Director

I spend the majority of my free time attending football games and various sporting
activities with my kids and grandkids. I’ve spent many great years here at The Link
community, so every corner and building means something very special to me. I love
seeing the satisfaction and happiness on our community members' faces each day.
The best reward for me is knowing that I am able to provide a happy place for you to
call home and build memories in. The Link is so much more than where I work,
it’s my treasure. Remember to stop by the leasing office and say hello, I love getting
to meet everyone!


Assistant Community

I am a homebody, so a lot of my free time is spent enjoying a nice quiet
 afternoon indoors. I like cleaning up around the house and preparing a good
meal to enjoy with my husband. Our community has become a part of me.
The Link is not just where I work, it’s my second home. We take a lot of pride
in giving 100% to our community members. Empathy, passion, and positivity
are just a few words that come to mind when I think of our team. Our motto is 
“Treat others how you want to be treated.” Should you ever have a question,
please stop by our leasing office and ask for Grecia!


Leasing Manager

In my free time, I love to unwind with my family, watch a good comedy on TV,
and laugh the stress away over a delicious meal. I truly enjoy the events we
provide each month. Seeing how content and happy our community members are
makes me happy. Please do not hesitate to schedule a tour with me today, and
join The Link community!


Leasing Professional

I love spending my off time outdoors and in nature with my family. I love our
location and the sense of community that comes from our monthly events. The
moment you walk into The Link, you already feel at home. If you ever need
anything, please call or stop by our friendly leasing office. Even if you would
just like to say hello!




Leasing Professional;
Kid's Club Director

I’m definitely a sports mom, so my free time is spent with family and supporting
my children in their numerous activities. I lived in our community before I began
working here, so I have always loved The Link and our community members. If you
would like to schedule a tour or have questions about the Kid’s Club, please
call or stop by today and speak with me.  


Service Supervisor

I enjoy spending my free time working on classic cars, eating authentic Mexican food,
and sipping on a cup of rich Colombian coffee. I’ve worked at Link for over nine years,
so my team is like family and this is where I feel most at home. Every single apartment,
breezeway, landscape, and amenity holds a special place in my heart. Our team works
together, to ensure this community is the best it can be. If The Link were a painting,
it would be our masterpiece. Schedule a tour today and see for yourself!


Assistant Service

I like to spend my free time playing sports and watching football games with friends
and family. Our team is like one big family and we consider our community
members a part of that. We promise to make sure you are always well taken care of. 


Service Technician

I have a strong passion for weightlifting, and spending time with my wife.
We enjoy trying out new places and being in nature. The Link community
is unlike any other. Once you move here, you will never want to leave.  


Service Technician

My family is my life, so I spend my downtime playing with my three
beautiful daughters. I love all of the amenities The Link has to offer. Make
sure to stop by and check them out for yourself!


Service Technician

I spend my free afternoons coaching my daughter’s soccer team. I love the
warmth you feel while in our community. If you are looking for a pleasant
and welcoming experience, The Link is for you!



I love parks, lakes, and nature. I enjoy a good cookout with my family and
relaxing with my grandkids. Link is not just a job to me; it is a home. I hope
that the passion and perfectionism I have in my work will reflect on the
quality of your experience in our community.



I love spending time with my grandchildren and taking trips back home to Guatemala.
I am so happy to be a part of The Link team. It has been my pleasure watching our
community grow over the years. I enjoy interacting with our community members
while performing my job duties. Everyone is always smiling, waiving, and saying hello.
This makes me happy, because I know we are doing a great job!